School kids 

 Dear Families,

It is time to start a new year of great learning and inquiry about many topics you might be interested in. I can hardly wait to get started! I have noticed that most often in second grade, we are so busy becoming readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and artists that we don’t have time for misbehavior.

In the event that someone does forget that we are all learners, help each other, respect one another, and stop when someone asks us to stop, students will be asked to return to their seat and have a moment to reflect on their misbehavior and how they might make better choices in the future. Other forms of discipline may also include a letter of apology, parent phone call, discipline action plan or a simple "I'm sorry."

Weekly work samples will be coming home for parents to keep track of progress. Parents may come in or drop by after school to discuss problems or concerns.

I am grateful for your help and support in working to do the most for your child.  I will give your child my best instruction, encouragement, and support. We will have a terrific year together!



Mrs. Germaine