School Supplies 2017-2018

Supply Wish List for Mrs. Germaine

Grandparent Celebration - Please start to look for photos of grandparents with or without your child. We will be making a special video with these photos. Our Grandparent Celebration will be November 21st at 8:00 a.m.


1.Pink Pearl Pencil  erasers - 1 package of two

2. Six composition books- wide-ruled  9 X 7, any color  

        *Label books - Math, Spelling, Poetry, Writing, Science, Reading  

       *Write student name on books

3. One package of dry-erase markers for white board 

4. Six glue sticks

5. Three plastic pocket folders with clips – any color

           *No names needed on Folders

6. One large box of tissues

7. 3X3 Post-it notes – various colors

8. Anti-bacterial wipe

9.  One box of 24 pack crayons

10. Two boxes of colored pencils

11. Pencils #2 (quality type)

12.  Healthy snacks to share - no nuts 

13.  Sharpie black markers 1 package

14. Pencil Box

15.  One yellow highlighter

16. Personal pencil sharpener