My Beliefs


  • All children are amazing gifts with unlimited potential and deserve love and respect.  I love learning with them each day. 
  • I can influence the lives of children for good.  I am an example in all I do and say, and must live my life as such.
  • Children flourish in an environment of caring, questioning, and celebrating.  Learning should be exhilarating.
  • Children have an innate desire to know about the world around them. My role is to guide them on their journey, without being a roadblock.
  • Students’ voices should be respected, and heard more than mine.
  • Process is as important as end product, and should be modeled and honored.
  • Choice is the key to intrinsic motivation. I am a guide, not a taskmaster.
  • Knowledge is constructed by individuals, as they work to understand. Learning best occurs in the company of others, as we make sense of the world around us and seek to understand the perspectives of others.
  • Approximation should be accepted as part of the learning process.


My Desires


  • I want my students to become life-long learners who think critically about what they hear and read.
  • I want my students to care about others and the world around them. I want them to feel the power that is within them, to change that world, if necessary, through word and deed.
  • I want my students to be thoughtful and passionate about literature, to notice and understand the nuances and to be changed as they live within the pages of a book.
  • I want my students to be solvers of problems, to understand that what might seem hard is not insurmountable at all, and that perseverance yields results.
  • I want my students to know that I care about them, as learnersand as people, now and in the future.  I will always love and remember them!