kids in heart



I expect to have an amazing year!

Amazing things can happen in our classroom, but only if everyone is committed and willing to participate in creating and maintaining an amazing learning environment. 

• I expect us to care about each other and to treat each other with kindness and respect inside the classroom and on the playground.  

• I expect us to care about our own learning, to participate fully in all activities, and to push ourselves and others.  

• I expect us to try our best at all times. Mediocrity should never be acceptable.


If students are disrupting the positive learning environment, they will be reminded in the following ways:

  1. A quick verbal or signal reminder of the expectation not being followed.
  2. A reteaching of the expectation with opportunity to practice. Then that action will be required.
  3. A loss of a privedge.

These are general consequences, but I try to make the consequence make sense with the actions, so they may be modified.