My goal is to help your son or daughter grow as a life long learner, but I also believe that kids need time to be kids, and that families need time together. Therefore, I do not assign work to be done at home for the sake of assigning homework. Homework is an opportunity to help your child develop good study habits, especially as a reader.  Children need to understand that reading is not a "school" activity, but a life activity.  Reading practice is essential!  Second grade homework is predictable and essential for success in promoting responsibility and learning. It is authentic practice related to the concepts taught in school that day. It is a partnership from school to home to keep communication open. I greatly appreciate your help and support at home.

Typically, your child will have 15-20 minutes of reading, math practice, poetry practice for fluency, and word study/spelling homework. We do not usually have homework on Fridays, but I would like the children to maintain their home reading routines on the weekend.

Homework Folders:

Your child receives his/her homework in an daily "Take Home" folder. Please look for this folder starting on August 18th. One pocket will be labeled "To return," the other "To Stay." The papers in the "To Stay" pocket are to remain at home. Please help your child return his/her folder and homework daily.

Thank you for your help and support!