homework dogGot Homework?

Like it or not, homework is a permanent part of every student's educational career. It has the benefits of giving students the opportunity to practice skills they've been working on in class, showing them that school is not the only place where learning occurs, and teaching them about responsibility and priorities. I promise you, I will NOT be assigning "busy-work" as homework. Any homework your child will bring home each day will be meaningful activities designed to reinforce skills taught in class, and should be easy enough to be completed quickly and independently. (If this isn't the case, please let me know, so we can ensure success.)

If your family is anything like mine, homework time isn't always easy or tear-free. The following are some suggestions for helping to organize your child for a successful homework experience:

  • Encourage your child to put his or her school materials in the same place every day (including putting homework back into the backpack)--this establishes a routine and makes the materials easy to find and grab in the morning rush.
  • Establish a "homework-comes-first" policy and set limits on your child's television watching and video-game playing. 
  • Have your child do his or her homework in the same place each day, free of distractions.
  • Tell your child that you expect him or her to write down all assignments. Check them each day if he or she has difficulty. 
  • Have your child do the harder assignments earlier in the evening when he or she is most alert.
  • Make it a habit to ask your child daily for notes from school and to check and sign the agenda. 
  • Put up a checklist in a prominent place to remind your child of materials to be brought to school daily (homework, book, lunch, etc.)
  • Mark on the family calendar tests, projects, and important school activities.