Student of the Week

Each week, a different student will be our “Student of the Week.”  I tried to assign students’ weeks as close to their birthdays (or half-birthdays for summer birthdays) as possible. We will be spending a few minutes each day that week celebrating and getting to know your child better. The following activities are suggestions for each day. They can be changed and moved as you'd like.


Monday: Photo Poster Day

Create a poster using photos that show important things in your life.  You might include photos of family, friends, pets, and special events.  Make your poster colorful and fun – it will be posted on the wall all week!


Tuesday: Special Things Day

Bring no more than five special things to show the class.  Tell us why these things are special to you.


Wednesday: Favorite Book Day

Bring your favorite book and tell us about it.


Thursday: Special Talent or Hobby Day

Show us or tell us about a special talent or hobby you have (magic, dancing, drawing, sports, etc.) and teach us something about it!


Friday: Favorite Treat Day

Bring in your favorite treat to share with the class (preferably something healthy).  It might be a favorite family recipe or just something you really like!  Be sure to bring enough for everyone to share.  Don’t forget to bring plates, forks or spoons if they are needed! 

*We have some allergies in our class--please avoid sending treats with tree nuts (peanuts and almonds are fine), and whole egg (check ingredients in ice cream--baked goods are fine).