Curricular Highlights


We use great literature to discover the world and explore the human experience. Through discussion, we build meaning and enhance our love for reading. Since reading is the foundation for all other learning, it is important that we are good at it! We work on reading skills and strategies as we uncover the symbolism and deep meaning in the books we read.

Our reading activities include:

• Exciting read-alouds that motivate even the most reluctant readers

        •  Literature studies that teach skills & promote critical thinking

         •  Historical fiction that supports our social studies curriculum

         •  Greek Mythology

         •  Independent conferences & reading projects

         •  Literature circles & discussion groups


pencilIn our writing workshop, we study various genres and write like crazy! We compose and publish narratives, poetry, stories, letters, essays, and non-fiction texts. Through mini-lessons and individual writing conferences, we learn mechanics and crafting techniques and apply them in our work.


 In order to accommodate our accelerated math students, we have one accelerated math class. All other students attend general math classes. We cover the sixth grade state standards while providing both inquiry and real-life math experiences for our students. We challenge, we reteach, and we ensure that every student has success.


Our science instruction includes:

         •  Scientific Method

         •  Models and designs

         •  Energy

         •  Oceanography

Social Studies

Sixth grade has the BEST social studies curriculum. Ancient civilizations are so fun! We travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, and we compete in our own version of the Greek Olympics. How much better can it get?

Our units include:

        •  Geography / map skills

         •  Ancient Civilizations 

         •  Dark Ages / Middle Ages / Renaissance

         •  Country reports & World’s Fair presentations