Contacting Mrs. Lang   email

The best way to contact me is by email. My email address is  

During the school day, the classroom phone goes straight to voicemail, so if you leave a message, I will get it after school and return your call as soon as possible. The classroom phone number is (480) 308-7230. Please feel free to contact me any time. I'd love to hear from you!

Classroom Expectations

• I expect students to care about their own learning, and to participate in class discussions that push their thinking and the thinking of others. 

• I expect students to do their best work all the time.

• I expect students to be nice.

The classroom can be a magical place, but it takes commitment from everyone to make it that way. Our class goal is to create a learning environment where every person feels valued and respected. As the teacher, I take very seriously any kind of disruption to this environment. 

Homework Policy

successWe will have a small amount of homework each night (excluding weekends). The homework will always continue or enrich the learning that is occurring in the classroom. Most of the time, students should be able to complete their homework independently. Parents & guardians can help by creating a quiet, consistent work environment at home. 

Please sign your child's assignment book each night to show that you have seen his/her completed work. Often, I use the assignment book to note any concerns or questions I have. It's a great form of daily communication between school and home!


You are welcome to send birthday treats for your child's birthday(or half-birthday if your child's birthday is in the summer)! The best time for us to hand out treats is right after lunch or at the very end of the day. You can send them in the morning, or let me know when you'd like to come so we can plan our schedule accordingly. Thanks!

Any other questions? Is there something I missed? Let me know!