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Hello Families!

I hope everyone has been staying dry over these past couple of gloomy days. I wanted to send everyone the list of supplies for our upcoming scarecrow project. Every child will be constructing a scarecrow, so please do your best to obtain as many of the following materials as possible. I will be sending home a checklist for you and your child to follow as you gather each supply. As you collect each item, please check it off on your checklist. Send the checklist back in with your supplies so that I can quickly take inventory of each child's supplies. I'm asking that all supplies be turned in by October 22nd. This will allow me a couple of days to gather any missing supplies before build day. Lastly, please put all of your child's supplies in a bag that's tied up and labeled with your child's name when turning them in.


Scarecrow Materials:

*Please only send in toddler - sized clothing (4T or 5T).

-1 wire hanger

-a white pillowcase

-jeans or overalls

-long - sleeved shirt (preferably button - up)

-hat (optional)


Extra Materials:

-newspaper for stuffing

-rubber bands/string




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