Classroom Supplies


In first grade, we take a community approach to any supplies donated to our classrooms. Therefore, every student has access to the same supplies. Don't feel obligated to purchase every item on this list. Just get what you can, and I will make up for anything we may be lacking. Also, if you can't donate supplies up front at the beginning of the year, feel free to bring in supplies as you purchase them throughout the school year. Thank you for your support!


Classroom Supplies:


-pencil tip erasers 

-colored pencils

-markers (no thin markers please)

-nut free snacks (as needed) - I will send out notifications throughout the school year when we are running low


-hand sanitizer

-disinfecting wipes


-Gallon ziploc bags

Supplies for Each Student:

-two green two - pocket folder with clips for paper (plastic, not paper)

-one black and white composition notebook, wide ruled for phonics and word study (50 cents at Staples)

-a solid color pencil pouch with zipper

-one small 5 x 7 spiral notebook that flips up to open for conferencing

Teacher Wish List (not obligatory):

-various colored tissue paper

-construction paper (I prefer packs of one color so I don't have to sort out the colors I need)

-8 1/2 x 11 cardstock (white and all colors)

-8 1/2 x 11 copy paper (white and all colors)

-Post - Its

-Expo markers (various colors)

-glue sticks