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Homework Expectations

Math: Students will bring home a worksheet that should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.  Feel free to allow your child to pause if it takes longer than 15 minutes.  You can send your child to school early (anytime after 7:15) the next morning and I can help them with it before school.  Just send me an email so I can let the front office know to let your child in the building before school.

Reading: Daily homework will always include 15 minutes of reading a book of their choice.  Students may bring home a book from school or read something at home.  They may read orally to you or silently--you may even read to them.  Hopefully this will be a treasured time for you and your child. Please sign or initial their homework reading log each evening.  Each Monday your child will come home with a new poem.  Please listen as they read the poem and work on fluency and expression.  The poem is NOT to be memorized but enjoyed.

Spelling: Your child will receive daily spelling homework.  

Homework will only be assigned for Monday-Thursday so your child can enjoy restful family time over the weekend. However, it is highly encouraged that your child continue to read during the weekend.