Thank You

Thank you so much for volunteering in Room 22!  You are a great help to me and the students and we appreciate you!  Please let me know if this schedule does not work for you or something comes up and you can't come in that day.  Also, please let me know if the frequency of when you come in is too often or too little.

Homework Folders 

Friday afternoons any time after 12:35 PM

First Friday of every month: Carrie Hurlbut

Third Friday of every month: Krista Nelson

Helping the Teacher (copies, laminating, etc.)

Wednesdays any time 

Second Wednesday of every month: Erica Holmstrom

Fourth Wednesday of every month: Tina Pusch

Working with Students (math facts, sight words, etc.)

Tuesday mornings from 10:30-11:15 or Friday mornings from 10:30-11:15

First Tuesday of every month: Sara Baldwin

Second Friday of every month: Rebecca Phillips 

Second Tuesday of every month: Kelly Beecher

Third Tuesday of every month: Becca Braddock

Third Friday of every month: Charis Call