Walk On!

Zaharis 4th & 5th Graders, Let's Get Healthy!

Walk On! is a challenge from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The goal is to get Arizona kids thinking about creating healthy habits.

Starting February 1st, our fourth & fifth grader students are given the 5-2-1-0 daily challenge:
5 - Eat 5 fruits and vegetables
2 - Limit screen time to 2 hours or less
1 - Get at least 1 hour of physical activity
0 - Cut out sweetened drinks (soda pop, energy drinks, etc) 

The students log how they do each day with the goal of hitting all 4 healthy habits at least 15 days out of the month.  At the end of the month students will turn in their calendars. Each student who reaches their goal and turns in the calendar will be eligible to win various prizes.