" 'Wow.' That was just about all she could say, 'Wow.' "

I love this repeated line from the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by one of my favorite children's authors, Kevin Henkes. When I am in the company of children, that simple yet powerful expression echoes in my mind as I marvel at what wonderful little beings I have the privilege of spending time with each day. It revisits me each time I see their eyes light up or witness their accomplishments. The sentiment stays with me as I return home and share experiences with my own amazing children... wow!

What treasures these precious little people are! I love their curiosity, their willingness to take chances, their ability to see past the obvious (while never failing to point the obvious out), their pure and honest expression, their creativity, their innocence and compassion, their intelligent observations and ideas. I am so inspired by them and so grateful to have the opportunity to teach and learn by their side.

No... it's not all sunshine and roses.

We struggle, become frustrated, and sometimes we fail. But those experiences, when partnered with perseverance, lead to growth and deeper understanding. It's all part of our journey, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

What a fabulous word wow is. Three little letters combined in just the right way to express genuine wonderment. A palindrome. And... if you turn it upside down, it spells mom. Now what could be more perfect than that?

How very lucky I am to be a mother and to be the one many beautiful children have called teacher. Wow! That is just about all I can say. WOW!

Teaching and loving it,
Ranelle Rothlisberger