Zaharis Elementary School

                                   MIID Primary



The following information should help to get us started.


School Hours:  Zaharis starts at 7:45a.m. The ending time for the school day is 2:15.  Wednesday is early release day. New for the 16-17 school year, the Wednesday release time will be 1:15pm. 


School Phone numbers.  Main Office 308-7200 

                                       Classroom   308-7223

                                       Sped Office  308-7263


Communication: Your student will have a homework folder that is used as a daily communication method between teachers and families.  These folders will have information about homework, classroom behavior, and scheduled happenings. They are used to tote home completed work, and newsletters from general ed. classrooms as well as school newsletters.  Communication between school and home is critical for student success. Please check your child’s folder on a daily basis.  The front pocket may have homework to complete, or papers that need to be signed.  Please remove any papers that are in the back pocket.  These will be for you to keep at home.


Homework:  Your child’s homework folder will have a weekly homework sheet that designates what homework needs to be done each night, Monday thru Thursday.  This needs to be signed daily.  Homework includes a variety of basic review activities that are specific to your child.  The one homework activity that is uniform for my entire class is to read or be read to for 15 minutes each night.


Absent students: If you know your child is going to be absent, please call the school office and notify them in advance.  If you need to take your child out during the school day, the district requires that our families “check out” at the school office first.  It is also helpful if you send notes with your child prior to his or her absence.


Positive Reinforcement/Classroom Management/Discipline

Students receive credits (+) for good effort in both academics and behavior four times throughout the day.  Students receive merit money if they have earned full credits during the school day.  A treasure chest type of store is held on Fridays to spend earned money.  This reinforces comprehension of using money in the real world. Coin identification is practiced as students earn coins to use in our classroom gumball machine.  It is filled with skittles or m&m’s. Hugs, smiles, stickers, and bonus dollars are given throughout the day. For more information please join us curriculum night. 


Birthdays:  Birthday treats are of course, optional.  If you would like to send in a special treat please let me know.  I will put some extra snack time aside for celebration purposes. 


Lunch:  Money to purchase lunches may be placed in your child’s account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Reduced or free lunch may be available to those who qualify.  Paperwork can be found in your open house folder.


I look forward to a wonderful year living, loving and learning with your children.  Thank you for sharing your most precious treasures with me.