Kindergarten News

Dear Families,

This is such an exciting time of the school year! I marvel at the progress the children are making. We began our inquiry into Bridges yesterday​! We discussed questions such as; What is an engineer? and What is technology?​

Throughout the next two weeks ​we will be learning about technology focusing on the job of civil engineers.  Our final project will be constructing our own bridge using specific supplies in the classroom.


am asking ​the children​ to do some research at home on bridges. Here are some questions or ideas to enhance their learning:

What are the different types of bridges?


​Bring in any p​ostcards, photos, ordrawings of bridges to add to our learning wall.


​Have you ever seen a bridge? And where was it? What type of bridge is it?


Can you build a bridge? What materials could you use?


What questions do you have about bridges?​


Math: We are working hard on subtraction! Ask your child story problems involving taking away an amount! We are still using manipulatives and drawings in our journals to learn subtraction facts to 10​. Some children still need lots of practice with this concept. We also want the children to come up with their own story problems and one way is to give them the answer and have them tell the story. 

Try this one at home: The answer is 4 cups of hot chocolate. What's the story? Ask your child to draw their thinking and add a number sentence.

Testing: This week and next are our testing weeks for 3rd quarter grades. Please let me know if your child will be absent any planned days or if you are going to start Spring Break early. :)


​Wednesday, Feb. 28th Family Fitness Night with Chris and Heidi Powell from 5-7pm!!!​

Thursday, March 1st - Choir Concert

​Friday, March 2nd - Dr. Seuss Day! We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss by reading his books, making hats, etc.

Tuesday, March 6​th - Kindergarten - 2nd gradeField Day -  The children will be spending time going through P.E. stations from 8:0​0-10:30. Please plan on sending your child with sneakers, comfortable clothes and a water bottle. 

Wednesday, March 7th - Vertuccio Farms Field Trip 9am - 12:30p.m.​

Friday, March 9​th - EXTRA Early Release at 11:45 a.m. and Sock Hop during lunch

March 12​th - 16​th - SPRING BREAK 

​Friday, April 6th - Pirate Day!!! More info to follow soon!


Tuesday, April 17th - Lego Discovery Field Trip - more info to follow​


Thank you for being so amazing! I have especially enjoyed all of our community helper visitors this past month. We will post the children's journals in the classroom along with photos of each visitor. These will then be sent home in a few weeks. Also, please note that on Monday and possibly Tuesday I will not be at school, so please let the office know if your child has any changes in how they go home. Thank you so very much!
Much love,


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