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Homework Information



Homework in kindergarten consists of reading together and engaging in meaningful activities. We ask for fifteen minutes, five nights a week to be spent reading with your child. This may be a story you read to your child then eventually your child reading to you as well. We encourage the children to reread over and over again the little books that are brought home.

Along with reading nightly there is a homework calendar that lists activities that can be done at home which supports what your child is learning in the classroom.  You and your child may pick and choose the activities to complete then mark that square with an x. This calendar will be collected at the end of each month!  

Homework has many opportunities and is certainly not restricted to paper and pencil. Throughout the year there will also be times when we send home a family project, STEM project, math or language arts homework in addition to the homework calendar. 

If you have any questions about our homework policy, please let me know.


Take Home Folders:  Children are responsible for bringing their Take Home folder to school every day.  These folders are vital to parent-school communication.  Please make time to go through this folder each night to check for papers that may need to be returned.