Clubs and Activities

jousting knightsBored? Looking for a new challenge?  Join one of our many extra-curricular clubs!

With all of the choices you have (see the left navigation bar), one may easily feel overwhelmed, but getting involved in new activities with new people is a fun way to challenge yourself. Here are some basics and benefits of getting involved.

One might ask... "so what's in it for me?" For one, you'll find friends: trying something different may bring you in contact with people you didn't know who share your interests and curiosity.  Joining a club can be a great way to meet people who are different from you, plus research has shown time and time again, that students who get involved extra-curricular activities perform better in school!  Furthermore, participating in extracurricular activities looks good on college and job applications and shows admissions officers and employers that you're well-rounded and responsible.  However, the most basic reason for joining a club/team is that it gives you something better to do than staring at the wall, wandering the hall, or napping all afternoon!

"What do I do next?"  Start by reviewing the activities the Academy offers and listen to other students' experiences to find an activity that meets your needs. Think about your interests, abilities, and time — is your sister tired of playing chess with you?  Do you wish you had more computer time? Are you looking to meet friends or get support?  Do you need to increase the appeal of your college application? When choosing a club to join, don't limit yourself to the familiar - try something new.  And most importantly... have fun!  GO KNIGHTS!

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