Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies
Dress Code/Uniform

Academy students are expected to dress in a manner that reinforces our mission of excellence and school pride. To accomplish this, the Academy has a uniform dress code.

  • The uniform top is a polo - red, white, and navy for all grades, (6th - 8th grade may also choose black). The top must have an embroidered Academy crest. 
  • All layered clothing (under shirts) must be white only. 
  • All outerwear such as sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets must also be of solid Academy colors (Academy crests are optional). 
  • The uniform bottom includes your choice of pants, shorts, skirts, and/or capris in a solid khaki color.  Clothing must cover front, back and sides. Socks and leggings must be a solid Academy color. Footwear must meet classroom safety guidelines. 
  • No other articles of clothing are permissible. Academy Knights are expected to be in uniform unless it is a designated "Spirit Day" or "Free Dress Day". 
  • Optional athletic clothing is acceptable during Health and Wellness classes. Students may wear plain black shorts with a plain gray t-shirt.