Summer ReadingDog reading a book

Reading over the summer helps keep essential comprehension skills intact.  It is summer, so let's keep it fun!  Here are some ideas to help your child keep developing a love of reading:

  • The Mesa Library offers a summer reading program where kids can earn prizes.
  • Themed Books with Activities - select a theme your child enjoys.  Read some books, do some related activities and have fun while learning.
  • Read with your child. Discuss the text as you read.  If the text is literary, together predict what will happen next.  Ponder why characters act the way they do. If the text is informative, discuss the information you're learning about.
  • Have your child read to other siblings, friends and just themselves. Reading out loud helps build fluency and expression.
  • Have your child sketch pictures to show what is happening in the book (think comic book style).
  • Create a special, cozy reading corner or fort.  Pillows, blankets, plush animals, under tables or chairs, a tent set up outdoors or even indoors, a hammock - all of course with piles of reading materials (comics, books, magazines, etc) nearby.
  • Let your child create a video of him/her reading.  Encourage silliness and lots of different voices used.
  • Invite friends and do a play or reader's theatre.  Of course create a video of the production.  There are some online sources of free plays.  Try Teaching Heart.