In an effort to be consistent in expectations for student production in all classrooms in the school, the following template is being used by all teachers when having argumentative writing tasks.

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Template for Argumentative Writing Grades 6-8

Introduction: Paragraph one: (6th-8th grades)         

Writer introduces claim within first two sentences. After finishing introduction, ends with restatement of claim and blueprint. (Blueprint: direction essay will take.)

Body: Paragraphs two and three (6th-8th grades)

            Writer will support claim with both evidence (credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic of text) and reasoning (clear and logical.)

Body: Paragraph four (6th-8th grades)

            Writer will distinguish claim from alternate or opposing claims using both reasoning and evidence. (6th grades are just beginning this step so this paragraph will not be used in the formal evaluation of the writing for them.)

Conclusion: Paragraph five (6th-8th grades)   

Wrapping up essay: restatement of claim with clinching statement.