All teachers at Mesa Academy have committed to the following grading practices in alignment with the MPS strategic goal.  Mesa Academy teachers have agreed that implementing school-wide, consistent grading practices will allow for greater clarity, communication and transparency for students and parents. Parents/Guardians: You may want to download the Synergy Parent Vue app to your phone for convenient access to the MPS Portal/ParentVue.  Please communicate any questions or concerns regarding grades or grading practices to your child’s teacher. 




Late Work

  • *Students are expected to complete all assignments by the posted deadlines.

  • Late work will be accepted up until one week prior to the end of each grading period.  Late work deadlines are as follows:

    • September 25, 2020  (Q1)

    • December 11, 2020  (Q2)

    • February 26, 2021  (Q3)

    • May 13, 2021  (Q4)

  • Students must contact their teacher to request a deadline extension (preferably before the original project/assignment due date). During Remote Learning, this must be done by email. 

  • In the Grade Portal:

    • Assignments will be marked as “missing” with zero credit given until the assignment is submitted.

    • Once submitted, assignments will be marked “late”.  

    • Late work will be graded by the teacher after all on-time work is graded and recorded.




Students who seek to redo or retake an assignment or assessment will contact their teacher to request a retake. The teacher and student will determine which preparation activities (ie. using a different study technique or fixing their mistakes) would benefit the student to promote success on the redo/retake.  The student will then complete the preparation activities and contact the teacher for approval before the redo/retake is permitted.  After the redo/retake has occurred, the student will see their new score in the Portal (unless the new score is lower).  The highest score earned will be entered in the Portal. 

Homework (District Policies IKB, IKB-R)


  • Assigning homework that deepens students’ understanding of standards and expectations and is aligned to learning standards.  

  • Utilizing homework as a formative assessment that focuses more on the process than on the final result. 

  • Using homework for feedback on student progress and improvement toward mastery of standards. 

  • Providing homework to students for additional practice toward mastery of standards that may or may not be included in the gradebook.