Rules and Procedures


Bathroom Passes

Your Academy planner is your restroom, media center and office pass.  Teachers must sign your planner before you leave the classroom.

Point System

Students’ assignments are divided into the following categories:  active engagement (classwork), homework, assessments (formative and summative), and projects.  Grades are weighted for CB89, CB91 and CB92 courses (please see your IB outline for more information).

Active Engagement

Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in activities and contribute to discussions.  It is through hands-on activities and critical-thinking discussions that enhanced learning occurs.  All students are expected to participate.

In-Class Work

Students will learn various tasks using Windows PC laptops and will save their work to cloud storage.  Ample classroom time will be provided for the completion of assignments.  

Assignment/Project Submission

Students are responsible for the prompt submission of assignments/projects on designated due dates.  All assignments are due at the END of the class period.  

Students must check their assignments/projects against requirements prior to submission.  Students are responsible for double-checking submissions to ensure they uploaded correctly and completely, whether through email or server uploads.  Incomplete or incorrectly submitted assignments/projects will be given a zero.

File Backups

Students are required to maintain backup copies of all assignments/projects until the semester concludes.  Students are provided with usernames and passwords for email and cloud storage for submission and backup storage of files.


Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge to the class through performance presentations.


Unit quizzes and tests will be administered to determine students’ applied and conceptual learning and comprehension.  Assessments may also include individual and group presentations.


Students may be assigned individual and collaborative homework lessons using Google Documents.  Capstone projects will require additional worktime after school and at home.

Classroom Rules

When class begins:

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Read the whiteboard for the day's assignments and instructions
  • Sit in assigned seat and turn on laptop, if instructed to do so. 
  • Log into laptop and either begin work or WAIT (see whiteboard for daily instructions).

When class ends:

  • Five minutes before class ends, save your work by saving the files to cloud storage.
  • Turn off your laptop properly:  START > SHUTDOWN > SHUTDOWN.   Do not slam the lid shut or force shutdown holding the power button.


Please contact me if you are going to be absent for an extended period so I may provide you with instructions and a homework packet.  If you are ill, please send an email so I may contact you.  Please see me after you return from any type of absence.