Req. ID# First Name Last Init. Created on Request Location Status
10 Sunil B 08-06-2019 It's self Pintu Roy and working with Clipp Out Line as an SEO expert. ClippOutLine (COL) was founded a few years ago to provide with Clipping Path, Image Retouching, and Complete Post-Production Solution for product images. We are a skilled team that can take on any challenging projects and delivers the same on time. We can confidently ensure you the best possible quality and services at an affordable cost. Received
9 Nathan M 07-30-2019 test fhkldsafj;vklwnj;lkenjv;klnsjd;vlak Received
11 Dani S 09-24-2019 I don't know how to register to architeck acct or idk username to look up student council info for Ishikawa. Mesa at Received
12 William S 04-02-2020 When signed into Architeck, it does not allow me to generate pages, stating that I have not been assigned any pages. Having gone through the help pages, I do not have the options to create smart pages at all. I do not know if I have been assigned access when I entered the district, which has been what I've faced with many web programs. Received
13 Danielle E 08-07-2020 I can't log into the parent portal Request Id: 26799e0a-9429-4664-a5ae-b5c0ed8d0600 Correlation Id: 19b67ba1-0894-4e81-87c4-a6e9bbca69d6 Timestamp: 2020-08-07T19:46:35Z Message: AADSTS50020: User account '' from identity provider '' does not exist in tenant 'Mesa Public Schools' and cannot access the application ''(MPS K-12 Canvas) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account. Received
14 Brenda B 08-09-2020 Prior to the URL, it states "Not secure". Obviously I am working from home and I am trying update my school web page. I transferred schools. I am access all other school websites and accounts from my home. Thank you for your assistance. Received
15 danielle e 08-09-2020 Please enable my account Received
16 Marlaina A 12-01-2020 There is no button to save my information for the "Edit User Profile" page. Received
17 Mitchell W 12-04-2020 I am not able to log into architeck. My username and password no longer work. Received
18 Amber W 01-04-2021 i can not remember my password to log in how do i reset my pass word? Received
19 Guadalupe R 03-30-2021 I am trying to register to start online school, it does t give me any options to register Received
20 Mitchell W 05-18-2021 Requesting access to Architeck. I was booted out because I needed to take a web accessibility class. I've since taken the class, and still cant log in. Received
21 Teagan L 05-21-2021 This website is not secure with "https://" it should be "https://" to make the site secure. Received
22 Caroline G 08-19-2021 I do not know my password and cannot reset it via the website. Please advise, thank you. Received
23 Candace W 09-16-2021 I need to request my daughter Maria Sanchez 9th grade currently at Mesa high school be put in home school. She is correctly on a 504 plan and this had been suggested by her medical provider. Received
24 Billie H 06-04-2022 I trying to re-enroll my student; Alexandria Whitehead for 6th grade at Salk Elementary & do not have the activation key to log into the parent portal. Please get back at your earliest convenience, therefore I can finish her registration. Thank you. Received
25 Sandy T 07-03-2022 I need help with my email it has bet disabled Webster Elementry Received
26 Jaime L 08-09-2022 I forgot my password for the site. My name is Jaime Laguna my daughter is in 8th grade, Strella Laguna. My username is Jlaguna. Received
27 Mat H 10-19-2022 Can you make it brighter colors please? Received
28 Brandon B 10-23-2022 Sun 10/13/22 Guys you know you better watch out Some girls, some girls are only about That thing Received
29 Angel L 10-26-2022 PleASe InCludE A DeTAileD DEScRiPTIon oF tHE AcCESSIBILItY IssUe EnCounTERED aND tHE DESired sOLUTIon. Here Received
30 Angel L 10-27-2022 yoU WiLl fiNd tHE uRl in THE whItE aDDRESs bAr At THe TOp Of THE INTerNET BrowSER You aRE UsING. THE ADdREsS WIll rEsEMBle tHe folloWING: HTTpS://wWW.mPSaz.OrG Here Received
31 Jet S 10-28-2022 please unlock my account I have some information I need on my email im not able to get to Received
32 Kanye W 10-31-2022 esa Public Schools recognizes the importance of having web content that is accessible to all. We are committed to making our information accessible to those with disabilities and are actively working to increase the accessibility of all web content. Received