Extracurricular Activity (ECA) Tax Credit 

The Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit or ECA Tax Credit is designed to allow all taxpayers in Arizona to direct their tax monies to a designation of their choosing.  In April, your state tax will be reduced the amount you donate or if you qualify for a state refund, you will get that amount back from the state. The following information are highlights and facts about the tax credit and your donation:


Each and every household can donate up to $400.00 per couple filing jointly ($200.00 per individual’s tax return) to a specific school.  You may split your donation between schools if you wish to support more programs, but you cannot exceed the $400 limit.


The donation is a tax credit, not just a tax deduction.  If for example, a household’s tax bill for the preceding year is $1,000.00 and the household had donated $400.00 to a school, the tax bill would be $600.00.  Similarly, if you were owed $1,000.00, you would get back $1,400.00.


This donation is not an extra tax.  It is a way of directing part of one’s normal tax bill from general state funds to a specific school’s budget for extracurricular activities.  You may direct your monies to a specific extra curricular activity or to the school in general.


You do not need to have a child in school to donate and qualify for the tax credit.

 For you to claim the donation in April 2010, you need to donate before December 31, 2009.


Thank you for your support of Adams Elementary.  Your gift underscores your belief that Adams is a place where academics are supported by the community.


Go to the MPS website at https://www2.mpsaz.org/community/eca/ and follow the directions to make a donation.  This link allows credit, debit or check to be used.


To make a donation and get a receipt for your taxes:

1. Make out a check payable to Mesa Public Schools.

2. Designate Adams Elem.on the form. You may select a specific area to suppport.  

3. Deliver your donation to school or simply mail this to:


                                    ECA Tax Credit

                                    Mesa Public Schools

                                    549 N. Stapley Dr.

                                    Mesa, AZ 85203-7297


Thanks for thinking of Adams and for extending this type of educational opportunity to our students.  We greatly appreciate your support.