Retirement special issue, May 18, 2022

We appreciate our 2021-22 retirees

Dr. Andi Fourlis and a retiring district employee at the retirement receptionThe Governing Board and district leadership hosted a retirement reception May 5 for the 2021-22 retirees of Mesa Public Schools. Look for familiar faces in the photo gallery from the event, and watch a congratulatory video from district peers.

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to...

James Abel, bus driver, transportation, 18
Uriel Acosta, grounds worker II, grounds, 24
Christie Allen, second grade, Pomeroy Elementary, 29
Rosemary Alvarez, custodian, Student Services Center, 30
Kathleen Andreasen, CN elementary manager, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 11
Todd Arbogast, PE, Kino Junior High, 30
Theora Arnold, MID, Redbird Elementary, 11
Argelia Avendano, secretary to assistant principal, Westwood High, 14

Melanie Bailey, SLD/inclusion specialist, Irving Elementary, 31
Susan Barnes, nurse, Fremont Junior High/Mesa Academy, 18
Michael Baser, AVID/social studies, Mesa High, 25
Katherine Bates, clerical aide Title I, Madison Elementary, 5
Cami Bell, English, Kino Junior High, 14
Deborah Bello, Title I instructional assistant, Roosevelt Elementary, 24
Corina Beltran, Spanish, Skyline High, 34
Richard Berumen, sheet metal worker J, maintenance, 31
Catherine Bianchi, counselor, Red Mountain High, 28
P. Anthony Bisanz, social studies/gifted, Poston Junior High, 21
Eva Bishop, fifth grade, Johnson Elementary, 35
Darlene Bloom, gifted, gifted & talented, 9
Jeanne Boiarsky, gifted & talented, Las Sendas Elementary, 30
Christina L. Boulton, sixth grade, Jefferson Elementary, 29
Lisa Bowen, library specialist, teaching & learning support, 38
Dorotha M. Bowman, special education clerk, Kino Junior High, 25
Carla Boyle, counselor, Mesa Virtual Campus, 31
Thomas Brennan, principal, Skyline High, 6
Earlene Brock, office specialist, Stapley Junior High, 24
Patrice Brusacoram, CN secondary manager, Dobson High, 33
Brian Buck, social studies/International Baccalaureate, Westwood High, 32
Lisa Burleson, resource teacher, Johnson Elementary, 31
Yolanda Bustamante, custodian, custodial, 8
Gary Butler, counselor, Mesa High, 30
Nancy Butler, second grade, Franklin at Brimhall, 30

Maria V. Calza, crossing guard, Eisenhower Center for Innovation, 25
DeAnne L. Carl, office specialist, teaching & learning support, 8
Karen Carr, secretary to director, teaching & learning support, 30
Roberta Carr, Title I clerical aide, Emerson Elementary, 28
Susan Cervantez, office specialist, audiology, 26
Pamela L. Chant, instructional assistant, SHARP, 14
Steven Chapman, operations, Matériel Distribution Center, 4
Kaleen Chase, third grade, Mesa Virtual Campus, 33
Maria Christopher, kindergarten dual language, Keller Elementary, 22
Renee Church, central kitchen field supervisor, Shepherd Junior High, 23
Judy Cichoracki, science, Superstition, 19
Annette Ciotta, registrar, Mesa Digital Learning Program, 2
Sylvia Clark, resource teacher, Washington Elementary, 20
Jaime Clemens, counselor, Edison Elementary, 32
Luz Cofield, SEI technician I, Holmes Elementary, 18
Julie Cohen, SLD, Summit Academy, 32
Louise Coleman, math, Red Mountain High, 18
Cynthia Cordes, resource teacher, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary, 36
Michael Culver, fourth/fifth grade, Brinton Elementary, 18

Gloria Daniels, clerical aide, Emerson Elementary, 12
Gary Darrah, custodian lead, Irving Elementary, 11
Nancy Davis, third grade, Summit Academy, 15
Teresa Davis, resource teacher, Fremont Junior High, 9
Shirl DeJarnett, preschool instructional assistant SPED I, Webster Elementary, 2
David DiDomenico, social studies, Mesa High, 17
Lucy Dixon, accounting technician, payroll, 15
Tsukiko Doty, custodian, Curriculum Services Center, 17
Eilene Dougherty, counselor, Poston Junior High, 31
Luis Durand Sarmiento, Spanish, Poston/Taylor Junior High, 4

Alane Eaton, fourth grade, Las Sendas Elementary, 21
Annette Edwards, field trip coordinator, transportation, 22
Tricia Ellsworth, PE, Mountain View High, 25
Lynette Elmore, resource center aide, Westwood High, 2
Catherine Emo, kindergarten, Lindbergh Elementary, 18
Guadalupe Erran, health assistant, Redbird Elementary, 25
Valerie Escarcega, clerical aide Title I, Lincoln Elementary, 18
Scott Eshman, principal, O'Connor Elementary, 29
Jo Estal, secretary II, vehicle maintenance, 16
Patricia Etcheverria, data specialist, human resources, 21

Sylvie Faino, resource center aide, Stapley Junior High, 8
Cathy Feeney-Katzke, applied special education, Mountain View High, 4
Kim Freehan, director, early learning, 25
Suzann French, GAP, Shepherd Junior High, 33
Thomas Friedel, bus driver, transportation, 6

Carlos Gaona, grounds worker I, grounds, 25
Marie Garber, custodian lead JH, custodial, 20
Alfredo Garcia, facility assistant, Stapley Junior High, 18
Lourdes Garcia, autism, Hughes Elementary, 28
Vicente Garcia, custodian, custodial, 12
Monica Germaine, nurse, Smith/Sousa, 19
Juanita Gervasio, instructional assistant special education, Robson Elementary, 26
Sandra Grace, office specialist, Johnson Elementary, 28
Larry Graham, grounds worker II, grounds, 17
Olga Grant, Title I specialist, Irving Elementary, 22
Eileen Gratkins, physics, Red Mountain High, 28
Michele Grimaldi, community partnerships coordinator, community partnerships, 30
Reed Guthrie, heavy duty mechanic J, vehicle maintenance, 26

Man and woman taking a photo in a photo booth at the 2022 retirement receptionJana Haeffner, executive secretary, special education, 7
Deborah Hall, registrar, Skyline High, 14
Cynthia Hallsted, second grade, Franklin East Elementary, 21
Jo Ann Hallstrom, resource center specialist, Roosevelt Elementary, 19
Regina Hamlin, central kitchen field supervisor, Smith Junior High, 30
Lisa Hammon, content specialist, science, social studies & math, 17
Margaret Hanna, French, Skyline High, 15
Annette Haynes, computer science, Shepherd Junior High, 6
Jerry Herbel, fourth grade, Hale Elementary, 30
Mary Herbert, compliance specialist, special education, 15
Chris Hernandez, secretary to principal, Jefferson Elementary, 17
Shari Hess, counselor, Mountain View High, 13
Dawn Hewitt, nurse, Carson Junior High, 5
Marcia Heywood, instructional assistant, SHARP, 31
Kimberly Higgins, second grade, Lowell Elementary, 17
Barbara Hill, instructional assistant SPED, Red Mountain High, 8
Mary Hohl, PE, Guerrero/Summit Academy, 25
Marcie Howard, team leader, Poston Junior High, 11
Kathleen Hubbard, accounts payable specialist, accounts payable, 8
Sandra Huber, ED, Porter Elementary, 8
Daniel Hurst, CTE, Red Mountain High, 9

Kyle Ide, social studies, Westwood High, 30
Gary Ingle, counselor, Bush/Mendoza, 36

Keith Jarvela, sixth grade, Taft Elementary, 32
Lori Buchanan Jarvis, clerical aide Title I, O'Connor Elementary, 28
Jan Johnson, early childhood special education, Red Mountain Center for Early Education, 25
Laurie Johnson, instructional assistant, Skyline High, 4
Rachel Johnson, math, Rhodes Junior High, 5
Rebecca Johnson, professional development specialist, Career & Technical Education, 16
Shari Johnson, speech language pathologist, special education, 30
Sandra Johnson-Jacobs, clerical staff, property management, 7
Shannon Jones, math, Westwood High, 21
Terri Jones, ED, SHARP, 30

Janene Kelly, registrar, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 16
Nancy Kern, first grade, Redbird Elementary, 4
Kelcy Kilber, ED, Fremont Junior High, 17
William King, supervisor, printing & publishing, 22
Aunnie Kirkendoll, counselor, Ishikawa Elementary, 4
Howard Klein, security monitor, Red Mountain High, 17
Linda Knox, accounting specialist, accounts payable, 17
Marlene Kothe, instructional improvement specialist, professional learning, 31
Sandra Kuhn, principal, Crismon Elementary, 23

Amy Lahavich, fifth grade, Highland Arts Elementary, 36
Shannon Lang, dance/PE, Dobson High, 27
Janie Larimore, math, Dobson High, 21
Judith Laten, fifth grade, Eisenhower Center for Innovation, 9
Andrea Lautenschlager, health assistant, Shepherd Junior High, 18
Melinda Russell Layton, first grade, Emerson Elementary, 11
Cynthia Leblanc-Gardner, clerical staff, Mendoza Elementary, 32
Christina Lee, bus aide, transportation, 13
Christopher Lenk, HVAC technician, maintenance, 16
Kelda Kastner Lewis, math, Shepherd Junior High, 30
Jim Little, educational technology trainer, educational technology, 37
Jacquelyn Long, district testing coordinator, teaching & learning, 16
Ronald Lott, facility assistant, Rhodes Junior High, 12
Camille Loudenbeck, Title I specialist, Summit Academy, 27
Adelita Lubin, SEI technician II, Jefferson Elementary, 17
Michael Lucas, grounds worker I, grounds, 3
Richard Lucas, grounds worker I, grounds, 4
Tamara Lueck, first grade, Franklin West Elementary, 39
Laura Lyman, first grade, Ishikawa Elementary, 22

Charlene Madden, resource teacher, Dobson High, 21
Duff Malone, fourth grade, Lincoln Elementary, 30
Christine Mann, bus aide, transportation, 14
Randy Mann, sixth grade, Johnson Elementary, 31
Lori Mardis, resource center specialist, Salk Elementary, 20
Gene Martinez, computer science, Carson Junior High, 19
Gary Massengill, custodian lead, Shepherd Junior High, 5
Keith Mattison, second grade, Emerson Elementary, 23
Marjie Mattison, user account specialist, information systems, 33
Renee McCurdy, PSD, Webster Elementary, 3
Patricia Medrano, fifth grade, Lowell Elementary, 23
Christine Melcher, fifth grade, Webster Elementary, 16
Helen Melzer, health assistant, Hale Elementary, 14
Kimberly Merlene, science, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 32
Cynthia Meschede, math, Red Mountain High, 31
Kenneth Michaels, CTE, Dobson High, 8
Elaine Migala, science, Dobson High, 30
Denise Mika, resource center specialist, Hale Elementary, 23
Kathleen M. Miller, MOD, Lehi Elementary, 28
Lara Miller, English/computer science, Stapley Junior High, 26
Ronald Moffet, bus driver route, transportation, 13
Julia Monteleone, art, Mesa High, 12
Jay Moon, bus driver, transportation, 14
Andrea Moore Kirkendoll, counselor, Ishikawa elementary, 4
Thomas Morley, PE, Redbird Elementary, 28
Pamela Morrison, math, Mountain View High, 2
David Murphy, music, Franklin Junior High, 30
Nita Muth, secretary to principal, Porter Elementary, 30

Cathy Nelson, second grade, Patterson Elementary, 16
David Palva Cortes Neto, service worker, Transportation, 6
Tammy Newton, receptionist, Red Mountain High, 21
Angela Norris, resource teacher, Adams Elementary, 7
Theresa Nowicki, fourth/fifth grade, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary, 22
Jannette O. Nuestro, science, Westwood High, 24

Malissa Ochoa, CN cook floater, food & nutrition, 22
Teresa Ochoa, office specialist, Jefferson Elementary, 11
William Ochs Jr., grounds foreman, grounds, 33
Mark Olmstead, bus driver, transportation, 2
Gregg Olson, custodian, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary, 1
Terry Olson, supervisor, information systems, 15
Joseph Orrantia, director, grounds/maintenance, 30
Miriam Osuna, English, Skyline High, 17

Ruben Parada, custodian, Ishikawa Elementary, 22
James Parker, CTE, Mesa High, 20
Nicolas Zane Parker, principal, Hughes Elementary, 32
Michele Patrick, preschool instructional assistant SPED I, Patterson Elementary, 21
Bonnie Perkins, art, Skyline High, 5
Wendy Person, MOD, Lehi Elementary, 19
Lori Pies, fifth grade, Pomeroy Elementary, 19
Kimberly Pillow, second grade, MacArthur Elementary, 8
Gini Pittsenbarger, supervisor, Matériel Distribution Center, 33
Hedy Pluta, second grade, Robson Elementary, 15
Arthur Ponce, distribution worker, food & nutrition, 25
Parley Pratt, bus driver route, transportation, 6
Margaret Precup, DD inclusion, early learning, 16
Karen Procopio, computer science, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 15
Carmen Provenzale, resource teacher, Red Mountain High, 3
Jill Purcell, kindergarten, Zaharis Elementary, 15
Tammie Pursley, AVID, Fremont Junior High, 25

Edward Quesada, facility assistant, Crismon Elementary, 40

Connie Rakestraw, instructional assistant Title I, Lowell Elementary, 18
James Rasmussen, facility assistant, Hale Elementary, 22
Pamela Read, media resource center specialist, Taft Elementary, 18
Kathy Reed, reading interventionist, Robson Elementary, 40
Lynette Reed, secretary, professional learning, 35
Cheryl Rhoades, instructional assistant SPED II, SHARP, 13
Mary Ritter, instructional assistant SPED, Lindbergh Elementary, 13
Diane Rizza, math, Red Mountain High, 20
Judith Robbins, hearing impaired, special education, 10
Bonnie Roberts, facility assistant, Lincoln Elementary, 24
Jennifer Rowse, SLD, Mendoza Elementary, 6
Deirdre Rudolph, kindergarten, MacArthur Elementary, 16
Carol Rudzinski, secretary, Skyline High, 21

Man and woman taking a photo in a photo booth at the 2022 retirement receptionMaria Saiz, CN cook, Shepherd Junior High, 8
Delores Sandberg, health assistant, health services, 10
Albert Santillan, clerical staff, Washington Elementary, 36
Anna Sarcona, custodian, Mountain View High, 21
William Savage, JROTC Army - NCO, Red Mountain High, 10
Rachel Savory, third grade, O'Connor Elementary, 9
Thomas Saxon, CTE, Westwood High, 7
Patricia Schaefer, secretary, Smith Junior High, 19
Warren Schapiro, math, Shepherd Junior High, 27
Susan Schuller, data specialist, Mesa Digital Learning Program, 22
Sandra Schultz, second grade, Lehi Elementary, 4
Deana Scott, preschool-special education, Johnson Elementary, 30
Martin Sehl, CTE, Mountain View High, 28
Barbara Sesich, playground aide, O'Connor Elementary, 14
Charles Sharpless, inspector, construction, 26
Jenny Shope, Montessori 2-4, Bush Elementary, 10
Allen Slate, CTE, Skyline High, 7
Ann-Marie Smith, special education clerk, Red Mountain High, 32
Michael Smith, refrigeration mechanic J lead, food & nutrition/operations, 40
Judy Spencer, counselor, Skyline High, 11
Susan Stanton, ELD kindergarten, Whitman Elementary, 26
Gloria Steffen, custodian, Skyline High, 18
Mary Steinken, preschool, Salk Elementary, 22
Bernadette Strykowski, program evaluator, research & evaluation, 10
Joe Sullivan, jewelry, Mountain View High, 31
Ruth E. Sullivan, special education clerk, Roosevelt Elementary, 27
Linda Swenhaugen, executive secretary, superintendency, 35
Dianne Szonn, sixth grade, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary, 17

Darlyn Taylor, health assistant, Riverside/Superstition, 10
Lori Taylor, health assistant, Taylor Junior High, 20
Molly Thede, second grade, Bush Elementary, 33
Gloria Thomas, office specialist, Brinton Elementary, 19
Michael Thomas, CTE, Red Mountain High, 4
Gena Thompson, math, Red Mountain High, 32
Linda Tomlinson, fourth grade, Pomeroy Elementary, 45
Robin Treat, sixth grade, Mendoza Elementary, 31
Jesse Tristan Jr., electronic technician J, maintenance, 30
Wei Tu, Chinese, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 22

Linda Valuikas, Title I, Crismon Elementary, 23
Denise Vargas, bilingual interpreter, ELAD, 24
Gilbert Vargas, bus driver/trainer, transportation, 23
Gregg Veitel, PE, Ishikawa Elementary, 32
Donald Verheyen, facility assistant, Falcon Hill Elementary, 6
Maria Villalba, facility assistant, Irving Elementary, 28

Brenda Waggoner, instructional assistant Title I, Whitman Elementary, 16
James Weatherbie, bus driver route, transportation, 14
Michelle Weitzman, first grade, Franklin East Elementary, 6
Kristin D. Welch, resource center aide, Stapley Junior High, 10
Diane White, fourth grade, Emerson Elementary, 30
Kristan Wiemann, nurse, Adams Elementary, 6
Curtis Wilburn, instructional assistant SPED, MacArthur Elementary, 8
Cami Williams, community liaison, Title I, 31
Robert Williams, PE, Mesa High, 34
Maureen Witt, second grade, Franklin West Elementary, 33

Brian Yates, senior aerospace science instructor, Dobson High, 6

*Includes announced retirees through May 10, 2022


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