Architeck: Smart Page

Basics Getting Started with Smart Pages

Create a Smart Page   PDF 

Adding Content   PDF


Text Adding Content to Smart Pages

Add a Heading    PDF 

Add Body Text   PDF 

Add a Callout   PDF

Links Add Links and Buttons to Smart Pages

Custom Buttons   PDF

Create Button to Upload a Document   PDF

News Stack   PDF

Quick Links   PDF

Page Navigation   PDF

Media Adding Multi-media Content to Smart Pages

Add an Image   PDF

Add a Slideshow   PDF 

Embed a YouTube Video   PDF

Add a News Window   PDF

Add a QR Code   PDF

Dynamic Content Add Newsfeeds, Calendars, and more to Smart Pages

Add a Newsfeed   PDF

Add a Calendar   PDF

Add a Map   PDF

User Profile   PDF

More Customizing Smart Pages

Change Page Layout   PDF

Change Formatting and Page Defaults   PDF

Add Your Image to Your Profile   PDF