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About us

In addition to coordinating music and art instruction and performances for grade levels K-12, providing teacher training and resources in drama, dance, visual arts and music, screening art, theatre and dance applicants and coordinating dance-in-schools and artists-in-residence, the Creative and Performing Arts Department offers the following programs and services to our schools:

  • Traveling art exhibits (Student art)
  • Cultural Exhibits for classroom use (Cultural artifacts from around the world)
  • Process or Culture Kits for classroom use (For a hands-on experience)
  • Performing Arts Package (Featuring touring companies from around the world.)
  • Art Masterpiece activities
  • Assistance in the purchase of musical equipment and supplies
  • 125 seat theatre auditorium
  • Meeting rooms
  • Resource Center with visual and performing arts books as well as samples of cultural exhibits and cultural or process kits.
  • Die cutting equipment.