Here are some links to website with games and lessons to help you! If you don't understand how a game of website works, let me know in class so I can show you how to use the website!

Get help with your note reading and fingerings at

Music Resource Guide

Explore Music Theory symbols and terminology!

Free Sheet Music

Music Theory Lessons

Fun Music Games!

Ton's of music lessons and games! From Music Tech teacher

More music games!

Practice reading notes!

Practice reading key signatures!

Practice listening and identifying notes!

Free Online Metronome to help you keep a steady beat


Listen to mp3 recordings of our orchestra music at,, or

Here are some other links:

    * Andrew's Fine Violins
    * Milano Music
    * Music and Arts
    * Musician's Choice
    * Shar Music
    * Southwest Strings
    * Symphony of the Southwest
    * Tempe Symphony
    * The Phoenix Symphony
    * The Lesson Room

    * ASU School of Music Events Calendar
    * Mesa Community College Music Events Calendar