Brinton, Bush, and O'Connor Elementary Bands
Mesa Public Schools - 2021/2022

What does my child need for band?


There are a few things your child needs for band:

1) An instrument. 

Please rent one from a local music store if you do not own one or have access to an instrument already. There is a very limited supply of school-owned instruments at each campus. These are best utilized for families who cannot afford the cost of an instrument. Applying for a school-owned instrument does not guarantee the use of a school-owned instrument.

2) Instrument accessories necessary for your instrument. (Fifth & Sixth Grades)

  • Flutes
    • Flute rod
    • A very thin rag 
      • About 3" x 12" in size
  • Clarinets and Saxophones
  • Brass (Trumpet, Horn, Baritone, Tuba)
    • Valve oil
    • A sturdy rag
  • Trombones
    • Slide oil
    • A sturdy rag
  • Percussion
    • Drumsticks
      • "2B" or "General" drum sticks
    • Hard-rubber mallets with stiff handles (All normally included with a bell kit).
3) A WORKING PENCIL - Every fifth and sixth grade band student needs a pencil. Each instrument case has room for a pencil to be kept in it. Pens & markers are not allowed to be used in class for writing on music or assignments.

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