"While I was at the summer camp I met a lot of fun people that I will never forget. I had a bunch of friends by the end of camp. I, at camp, learned how to do vibrato, staccato, legato, and so much more! I have learned that music is a gift; and one I want to share with the world. I think that that program has helped a lot of kids and WILL help a lot more! Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity of a lifetime. I will never forget it."

-Field Elementary music student

2022 Summer Music Camp Registration is now closed

Summer music camp strings

2022 Summer Music Camp Info

The MPS Summer Music Camp is free of charge and open to any MPS students who have completed the 3rd grade through students who have completed the 8th grade.  There are class size restrictions, so register early!

Camp Dates:  May 31-June 16, 2022 (Mon thru Thurs)

Camp Times: 8:00 am until 11:00 am

Camp Location:  Shepherd Junior High School, 1407 N. Alta Mesa Dr.

Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to and from camp.

All students will be at the camp for three hours each day.  Students will have a different "class" every hour.

All students will have the opportunity to participate in band, orchestra, or choir at a level best suited to their ability.  All students will also get to choose between guitar and ukulele (instruments will be provided).  Lastly, all students get a choice between music composition (writing music) and bucket drumming ensemble.

If a school-owned band/orchestra instrument is needed, students will need to check out a school instrument from their current band/orchestra teacher PRIOR to leaving school in May.  Students who are not currently in band/orchestra must supply their own instrument.

Guitars and ukuleles are provided, or students may bring their own, provided it is an acoustic instrument, not electric.


Contact Mellanie Risch at (480) 308-7350 or

Summer camp ukuleles

2022 Summer Music Camp Teachers


  • Jesse Schattin, Coordinator - from Poston JHS
  • Brandon Burr, Band - from Whittier ES
  • Megan Bennett, Band - from Smith JHS
  • Melissa Mariani-Campbell, Orchestra - from Pomeroy ES
  • Ryley Taylor, Orchestra - from Madison ES/Adams ES
  • Samantha Jorgensen, Choir - from Stevenson ES
  • Julie Willis, Ukulele - from Las Sendas ES
  • Aldy Montufar, Ukulele - from Lincoln ES
  • D'Net Layton, Guitar - from Eagleridge
  • Aaron Weiland, Guitar - from Carson JHS
  • VerRona Grandil, Bucket Drumming - from Highland Arts ES