Lisa Thompson

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My Kids

 I grew up in Mesa and went to Lindbergh, Keller, Longfellow, Holmes, and Kino.  I lived in Pinetop for high school and met my husband, we have been together for 33 years. We have 2 kids that went to Entz, Poston/Stapley, and Mt. View.  I love my dogs, crafting, and the Wonderful World of Disney!

I have been with Arts Education since 2005 and Service-Learning since 2012.  I believe in teaching the WHOLE child and wholeheartedly support the arts in all aspects of learning. I also think that project based learning is important, that's why I push service-learning on anyone that will listen.  If we can apply learning to everyday actions, students will understand more and retain longer.  It is important that we all use different strategies to help children learn.


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