The Creative and Performing Arts department is proud to offer resources to supplement classroom activities. Materials such as cultural artifacts, exhibits, art prints, process kits, die cuts and lesson ideas are available for circulation.



Culture Exhibits, Culture Kits and Process Kits

All Culture Exhibits, Culture Kits and Process Kits must be checked out using the online order form. Kits and Exhibits MUST be delivered to your school by MDC and cannot be picked up in person. 

Before you order: Each school is assigned a specific day of the week to receive Creative Arts items. Before placing your order, check the delivery schedule (see button to the right) to find out what day of the week is assigned to your school and align your order drop off and pick up dates accordingly. For your convenience the order form also contains a link to the delivery calendar.

Place your order: The online form allows you to select the item and quantity you wish to order as well as the date range you will need the items for. Culture Exhibits and Kits may be checked out for up to 3 weeks maximum. Process Kits may be checked out for longer periods. Using the delivery calendar, place your order within your school's drop-off and pick-up dates.

Art Prints

The Creative Arts Department houses nearly 1200 art prints These items are available for check out, in person, at the Creative Arts resource center.  Please contact Rachel for check out 480-308-8754.

Die Cuts

Die cutting machines and over 250 Dies are available for all Mesa Public Schools to use. Teachers are welcome to bring their own paper and use the Creative Arts workroom between the hours or 8:00am and 4:00pm.


A Culture EXHIBIT is . . .

Wooden display box with cultural artifacts for students to see.

A wooden for display only box housing various artifacts from each culture or era. Each culture/era has multiple exhibits to choose from.

A Culture KIT is . . .

A Culture KIT is . . .

a cardboard box containing artifacts from each culture/era for a more hands on experience. Only one kit per culture/era.

A Process KIT is . . .

A Process KIT is . . .

a cardboard box containing a variety of curriculum based activities with directions and examples. Kits are divided into art categories such as ELEMENTS OF ART or PRINCIPLES OF ART. (Materials are NOT included.)

Art Prints

Culture Exhibits and Kits

Die Cuts

Process Kits

Process KIT Categories

Art Elements 

Art Principles

Art Techniques

Art and Math/Science

Art and Reading/Writing

Art and Social Studies