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Literactive     literactive logo
A wide variety of sequenced early reading activities.  Click the downloads tab across the top, then use the levels along the left to select read-aloud stories.  Students can get help sounding out unfamiliar words by clicking on them.  Some stories are available in Spanish as well (click the ESL tab).  Click the "Activities" tab for games that reinforce beginning phonics skills.  Note: free registration is required.
Skills: rhyme, beginning sounds, short vowels, CVC words, blends and digraphs, sight words

Little Animals Activity Center     little animals logo
Choose from several skills and levels of difficulty.
Skills:  beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyme

Alphabet Action     alphabet action screen shot
Click on a letter to hear its name and see items that begin with that letter.
Skills: letter identification, beginning sounds

Sorting Vowels and Consonants     saxon publisher logo
Sort letters into vowels and consonants.  Note: No sound.
Skill: Identify letters as vowels or consonants, upper and lower case

Starfall     starfall logo
Stories and related activities to practice vowel sounds
Skills: short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels


The WhirlyWord Machine     whirlyword logo
Students separate real CVC words from made-up words.  This game includes a "Teacher's Control Panel" that allows an adult to select which word families are presented.  Note:  this software is from the BBC, so the speaker has a British accent.
Skills: CVC words, rhyming word families, reading and recognizing real words

 WordBlender     blender
Students are given a word, and are asked to identify the beginning blend and ending sounds.  The game includes a "control panel" to limit the number of blends presented in the game, if necessary.
Skills: initial "s" blends

Put it on the Shelf     put it on the shelf screen shelf
Drag pictures to the CVC words they represent. Note: no sound
Skill: decoding CVC words

Picture Match by ReadWriteThink     picture match logo
Three levels of difficulty - identifying the beginning sound, short vowel, or long vowel in a word.  Words are pronounced and a picture is shown. Immediate feedback.
Skills: beginning consonant, short vowels, long vowels

Wordbuild by ReadWriteThink      word build logo
Given a word family ending (for example, "at" or "ig"), students are asked to add beginning sounds to create as many words as possible.  Note: words are not pronounced for the student
Skill: spelling and recognizing CVC words and word families

Long Vowels       sadlier publisher logo
Sort long and short vowel words.  This game does not read the words to the student, but words are paired with pictures. Each vowel sound is a separate activity.
Skill: long vowel patterns


Snap It!  snap it logo
Match a long vowel pattern to a word.  Patterns include ee, ea, ay, ai, and igh. The speed needed to decode the phoneme is adjustable.
Skill: long vowel sound patterns

Drag 'N' Spell    drag and spell logo
Use either picture or word clues to spell words by dragging vowel combinations to the blank provided.
Skill: Using long vowel patterns.

Sandcastle Quiz   sandcastle game icon
Practice alternate spellings for several common vowel patterns, like ou/ow, oy/oi, and ear/eer/ere.  You can pick a single phoneme, or play with all of the available combinations at the same time.
Skill: vowel patterns and spelling


Magic E       magic E screen shot
Click on the correct long vowel sound to complete the word that matches the picture
Skill: silent E

Name the Picture      sadlier publisher logo
Choose which of three long vowel words matches the picture.  The name of the picture is said aloud when it is clicked.
Skill:  reading single syllable long vowel words

Words and Picture Poems      long vowel poems screen shot
Ten poems, each emphasizing a different long vowel pattern.  Poems are read aloud, and each includes related activities to reinforce the vowel sound of the poem.
Skill: long e, long i, and long a patterns

Clifford Interactive Stories     clifford the big red dog logo
Each line of each story can be read aloud.  Students fill in the blank to complete each page and see their choice acted out on the screen.  Accompanying games reinforce phonics skills.
Skills: consonant and vowel sounds



CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant words (ex. cat, mop)