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With the emergence and availability of numerous technologies becoming accessible from varied sources including district (classrooms and labs) and personal origins, the AT department is dedicated to assisting IEP teams, including students, teachers, staff, and families by identifying resources, assisting in implementation, and training regarding technology relevant to facilitating access to curriculum. 

COVID-19 Closure, eLearning, and Accessibility

Staff, families, and students may unexpectedly find themselves engaged in online learning due to the COVID-19 closure. For students with disabilities, it's important that learning materials are accessible so they can participate appropriately. This can seem daunting, but with a few considerations, students with IEPs can be ensured access during this unusual adventure! 

For eLearning to be accessible to all students, please make sure to consider the following:

  • Documents, such as worksheets, are created so they're "searchable". This is important so students who rely on text-to-speech or screen reading software can interact with the text. Without being accessible, the specialized software doesn't recognize that there is text in the document and won't read it aloud to the user. (see information below)
  • For blind users using NVDA, Jaws, and VoiceOver screen readers who are interacting with Google Docs, Forms, and collaborative features in Chrome, they'll need to enable screen reader accessibility features. Click here for directions for computer settings, Android settings, and iPad/iPhone settings. 
  • Students who are hearing impaired can enable live captions when conversing through Google Meet!  For more information, watch this video.
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