Grade enhancement plan

EspañolIn the 2017-18 school year, Mesa Public Schools launched a grade enhancement plan that offered students in seventh to 12th grade who earned "proficient" or "highly proficient" on the state assessment AzMERIT or "meets" or "exceeds" on the science AIMS assessment the opportunity to increase their course grade one letter grade if they met the criteria established.  The grade enhancement applied to eligible students who were enrolled in a district course beginning in the 2017-18 school year for which there was an AzMERIT or AIMS assessment aligned.

This year, the Arizona State Board of Education changed both the assessment and the cohorts of students required to take the assessment.  AzM2 is the new state required assessment that measures proficiency of the English Language Arts and Math standards for the 7th, 8th, and 10th grade cohorts only, as opposed to end of course assessments previously administered to all seven through 12th grade students. The AIMS science assessment remains the same as in previous years.

AzM2 grade enhancement

  • Students in the 7th, 8th, and 10th grade cohort who earn "proficient" will increase their semester grades by one letter grade up to a B.
  • Students who earn "highly proficient" will increase their semester grades by one letter grade up to an A. 
  • Students can only benefit from this; their semester grades cannot be lowered. 

AzM2 enhanced qualifying courses

Junior high school:

  • ELA 07 - English Language Arts 7
  • ELA 08 - English Language Arts 8
  • ELA 15 - Honors English Language Arts 7
  • ELA 16 - Honors English Language Arts 8
  • ELD 11 - Introduction to English Grammar I
  • ELD 21 - Introduction to English Grammar II
  • MA07 - Math 7
  • MA08 - Pre-Algebra
  • MA10 - Accelerated Pre-Algebra (first semester only)

High school:

  • EN 35 - Honors Sophomore English
  • EN 38 - Sophomore Essentials of English
  • EN 47 - Sophomore English
  • EN 65 - IB MYP Sophomore English
  • ELD 11 - Introduction to English Grammar I
  • ELD 21 - Introduction to English Grammar II
  • MA27 - Algebra I
  • MA30 - Geometry
  • MA32 - Honors Geometry
  • MA40 - Algebra II
  • MA41- Honors Algebra II

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is Mesa Public Schools offering this grade enhancement plan?
A: The grade enhancement plan is aligned with best practices for grading. It has potential to motivate students to engage in their learning and performance on state assessments while improving student outcomes. With its focus on student achievement and learning, the grade enhancement plan supports the district's Pathways to Excellence.

Q: Will my child's grade be affected if they score below "proficient" or "meets standards"?
A. No. Students' semester grades will not be lowered based on their AzM2or AIMS assessment outcomes.

Q: When will students know if their grades have been changed?
A: Parents and students will be informed of grade changes as a result of assessment scores after their course has ended. After the district receives assessment scores from the state, grades for tested courses will be cross referenced to each student's score. Students who have met the grade enhancement plan criteria will see their grades improved. Updated grades will be available to parents and students through Synergy. The report card will be found in both ParentVUE and StudentVUE.

Q: My child is a senior. When will we find out if they have benefited from the grade enhancement plan?
A: Graduating seniors will receive priority processing of report cards and transcripts upon receipt of assessment scores from the state of Arizona.

Q: Why does the grade enhancement plan only apply to the first semester of MA10?
A: MA10 is a unique model that combines seventh- and eighth-grade math standards in one year, with an emphasis on seventh grade in the first semester. At the end of the school year, MA10 students will take the seventh-grade AzM2 assessment only.