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Mesa Public Schools offers two types of dental plans; A traditional DHMOCigna Logo plan [In-Network only] and a PPO plan with [In-Network & Out-of-Network services]. 

DHMO PLAN - [n-Network Only]

DHMO Group #10211595

The Cigna CARE DHMO plan requires you to see In-Network dentists and and offers lower rates and no maximum annual limits and no cost to the employee.                                                                             2021-2022 DHMO Dental     Benefit Plan Year [07.01.2021-06.30.2022]      

The DHMO plans Patient Charge Schedule lists the benefits of the Dental Plan including covered procedures and patient charges. 

You will receive an ID card from Cigna if you elect the DHMO plan.                                                  Find a network Dentist: Go to Cigna.com 

Under Search Location - enter your zip code                                                                                            Under Select A Plan - click "Pick" - click Dental Plans                                                                                Select Cigna Dental Care Access - then click choose     Dental Health
In the Search box enter "Dentist"

PPO PLAN - [In & Out-of-Network]

The Cigna PPO plan allows you to choose in- or out-of-network providers and has deductibles, coinsurance and maximum annual coverage limits.

2021-2022 PPO Dental         Benefit Plan Yea[07.01.2021-06.30.2022]

How to Find a Provider:

Go to Cigna 

  • Under Search Location - enter your zip code
  • Under Select A Plan - click "Pick" - click Dental Plans - Select Total Cigna DPPO - then click choose
  • In the Search box enter "Dentist"

No ID card will be issued if you elect PPO dental.

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