Disability Plans

As a Mesa Public Schools employee you may want to take advantage of the Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) plans.

What is the difference between STD & LTD


Short-Term Disability Plan [STD]

      STD Crutches

Dearborn Group                                                                                               MPS Group #SA-03260                                                               1.877.721.7987                                  

Online Claims - Laptop Display

How to File a Short-Term Disability [STD] Claim

Contact your Benefits Specialist and advise them of your absence.  Your Benefits Specialist will send you the necessary claim paperwork. 

Employees may also file a claim online, however, the employee will need to notify their Benefit Specialist of their claim submission so the employer portion of the claim maybe completed.  

Long-Term Disability Plan [LTD - ASRS]

LTD Explanation           Click here for LTD claim form                                                                             Click here to file a claim online