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What is the Employee Assistance Program [EAP]?

Mesa Public Schools has contracted with EAP Preferred to provide the Employee Assistance Program [EAP]. EAP Preferred is an independent firm and does not report personal information to Mesa Public Schools. 

The EAP is uniquely qualified to assist you and your family to correct situations that interfere with your work and home life. The EAP provides clinical counseling for problems for which many people have no other help, while Work-Life Services help with other critical issues, legal, financial, ID theft recovery, elder care and childcare, education, and housing.

Feeling overwhelmed? Need Help? Don’t know what to do?

Consider contacting the EAP – Employee Assistance Program

The EAP can help in many different areas of your work and personal life. Available services include counseling, financial, legal, ID theft prevention and recovery along with many other available services.

How does the EAP work?

As an MPS employee, all you and your family will need to do is contact EAP Preferred directly at 1.800.327.3517.  You will be provided with the names of participating counselors so that an appointment can be made.  It’s that simple!

Financial Security

                                                     Steps to Financial SecuritySteps to Financial Security           Steps to Financial SecurityClick here to download flyer.                                                                                       Haga clic aquí para descargar el folleto      

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EAP Preferred
Website: www.eappreferred.com  Enter username: MESAUSD  Enter password: eappreferred      Telephone: 1-800-327-3517             EAP - List of Offered Services