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Uprise Behavioral Health
Employee Assistance Program [Company Code: MESAUSD]

Uprise Health -  Employee Assistance Program  

Website:  www.uprisehealth.com/members               

Access Code: MESAUSD           

Telephone: 1-800-327-3517 or 1-800-395-1616                                                                                                                                                                                Uprise Health/EAP - List of Offered Service

Feeling overwhelmed? Need Help? Don’t know what to do?

Consider contacting the Uprise – Employee Assistance Program

Uprise can help in many different areas of your work and personal life. Available services include counseling, financial, legal, ID theft prevention and recovery along with many other available services.

How does the Uprise work?

As an MPS employee,  you and your family will need to do is contact Uprise directly at 1.800.327.3517 or 1.800.395.1616.  You will be provided with the names of participating counselors so that an appointment can be made.  Sessions are Face-to-face with a master’s level clinical therapist. Up [8] free sessions per issue, per year.   

Feeling Stressed

Uprise Health

Employee Newsletter

Start off 2022 with a healthier you with empowering information on how to reduce financial stress, save for retirement and how money worries impact your mental health.


Personal Advantage Webinar

Learn how to recognize the signs of poor work life balance.  Click the "Watch Now" button, enter your access code [MESAUSD], and select "Webinar" to view.              Uprise Watch Now

Blog - Tips & Tricks

Learn the 5 money mistakes that can harm any relationship.  When people discuss money in a relationship there is always bound to be some frustration.

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