Medical Leave Bank Program [MLBP]


The District will administer a Medical Leave Bank to provide additional sick leave days to members of the Bank in the event of a prolonged illness/injury of their own or a family member if they have depleted their accrued sick, personal leave, and/or vacation days (if earned). For the purpose of this section, a “family member” is defined as in the Family Medical Leave Act as a spouse, child, or parent.

What is Prolonged Illness/Injury?  A prolonged illness/injury is defined as an “illness or injury” that is anticipated and certified to last for a continuous period of time of four (4) or more weeks as verified by a licensed health care practitioner. Medical Leave Bank days will not be granted for maternity, except when complications arise from pregnancy.

How many days can be requested?  You may request up to 20 days per fiscal year. 

When will enrollment be effective? July 1, 2022

Who is Eligible? The Medical Leave Bank provides additional sick leave days to eligible participants, which are employees who qualify to earn sick leave per board policy GBBD-R(2)

What do I need to do to enroll? The employee must complete the election form and voluntarily contribute one day of unused sick leave to the bank every fiscal year until the employee cancels in writing. Once donated, the day will not be returned to the employee. Participating employees must contribute a second sick leave day in any given year if the bank is depleted.

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