Employees are required to report any work related injury to their immediate supervisor or administrator.          They will:

Guy on Crutches

1. Complete a “Supervisor’s Report of Industrial Injury” form or direct the injured worker to the school nurse for first aid and the Supervisor’s Report of Injury form will be completed with the school nurse.

*If the injury is life threatening, paramedics should be summoned by calling 911*

2. After the form is completed and signed by the injured employee and the supervisor, the form will be forwarded to the Employee Benefits office.

b. If additional medical treatment is indicated beyond first aid, the injured employee will be instructed to take the yellow copy of the injury form to district’s Occupational injury clinic or treating physician.

3. After seeking outside medical treatment, it is the employee’s responsibility to bring the medical note/work status back to their supervisor for review.


Per District Policy Regulation GBE-R:  If an employee needs continued medical care following a work-related injury, all follow-up appointments (for physical therapy, X-rays, ancillary services, etc.) are to be scheduled outside of the employee’s normal work hours. If an employee earns accrued sick leave, he or she may use sick leave for medical appointments with prior approval by his or her immediate supervisor.