Time for Facts


Quick Facts for When an Employee has a Work Related Injury


  • Wendy Mueller in Employee Benefits is your contact person for all employee injuries and work restrictions resulting from an injury 472-0366 
  • Concentra is the occupational clinic MPS uses; 2 locations are listed on the supervisor’s injury report form as well as an after hour’s location. Both clinics are open until 5 pm (Southern location has Saturday hours)   
  • If an employee is treated at Concentra, they are given a work status when they leave. All employees are required to bring the work status to their immediate supervisor/Principal to discuss any work restrictions and to determine if the employee can return to work. The Principal/supervisor should contact the Workers Compensation Supervisor  (Wendy Mueller) to provide an update regarding the injured employee and their ability to work based on any restrictions 
  • If an employee needs continued medical care following a work-related injury, all follow-up appointments at the clinic & for physical therapy, imaging (MRI’s), or specialist appointments are to be scheduled outside of the employee’s normal work hours. If an employee earns accrued sick leave, they may use sick leave for medical appointments with the prior approval by their immediate supervisor. (*Specialist appointments are rarely available past 3 pm) 
  • If an employee is given work restrictions following a work injury and cannot perform their normal duties, you may place them in another job until their restrictions change. They can also be placed at another job site if it meets their restrictions. A reduction in hours is also an option in working with restrictions. Employees who fail to accept alternate work jeopardize their work comp claim 
  • If an employee is missing time due to a work injury and a district holiday occurs, the employee will not be paid holiday pay by MPS if they are receiving wage benefits from the district worker’s compensation insurance carrier 
  • Worker’s compensation wages are not paid unless an employee is unable to work for seven (7) calendar days or more, per the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). If an employee is absent 7 calendar days or more, upon claim acceptance, the employee will receive payment equal to approximately 66-2/3 % of their wage but there is a dollar cap per month set by the ICA each calendar year (average monthly wage (AMW).   
  • For employees eligible for sick leave benefits, the district will compensate them using their available accrued sick time on a day-for-day basis until day eight (8) (5 working days for most employees, lost wages are calculated on a calendar week per the ICA) 
  • Mesa Public Schools is self-insured for worker’s compensation. This means all payments made on a worker’s compensation claim by the district third party administrator are paid directly from Mesa schools funds; this includes lost wages paid to an employee