Modified in-person model

Students will...

  • Follow all safety protocols, including wearing face coverings indoors and outside.
  • When remote, access assignments on their own time and at their own pace, but make adequate weekly progress in all courses.
  • Reflect on their learning and self assess using tools provided by the teacher.
  • Participate in training/instruction in remote learning expectations.
  • Participate in teacher lessons when scheduled, and/or review recordings as needed.
  • Respond to emails and messages from the school within 24 hours.
  • Proactively communicate with teachers and/or school staff what is working and what is not.
  • Follow district technology expectations and guidelines.
  • Know and access the district and school support structures for technology and digital curriculum as needed.
  • Participate in training on the appropriate use of devices.
  • Participate in training on how to use the Canvas learning management system.
  • Participate in training on how to use other integrated technology software and programs.
  • Engage in social and emotional learning (SEL) check-ins and reflections using teacher provided tools.

Parents will...

  • Perform an assessment of their child's health before they leave for in-person learning, including temperature and other known COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Send their child to school with a filled water bottle and clean face covering. Face coverings will be available if needed.
  • Help children be ready to learn by providing a supportive learning environment including time, space and resources necessary for learning.
  • Communicate regularly with teachers(s) and school regarding needs.
  • Take advantage of parent resources available on school websites to support student learning.
  • Update school with accurate contact information, such as email, phone number and address, and preferred time for check-ins.
  • Monitor student progress within Canvas (Canvas Observer) and the Parent Portal.
  • Monitor student engagement through planning, prioritizing, organization, goal setting and time management.
  • Collaborate with teachers to increase student motivation and engagement.
  • Monitor the use and care of district-provided devices.
  • Contact your teacher and/or principal for assistance when needed.
  • Share information with school staff regarding the impact of school closure and pandemic on the family.
  • Communicate with school staff any barriers to participating in remote learning.