Supports for special education students
Modified in-person model

  • Increased face-to-face instructional opportunities for students with multiple therapies and IEP goals.
  • Staff will make weekly parent contact to be responsive to student needs.
  • IEP meetings will continue as required.
  • For the intended audience on remote learning days, teachers will use Florida Virtual Learning for general education access and Freckle as a differentiated instructional resource.
  • For the intended audience on remote learning days, teachers will use Unique as an online standards-based program that provides students with meaningful access to the general education curriculum with the support of a symbol communication tool.
  • Small group instruction will be available.
  • When remote, secondary students will use MDLP and GradPoint for learning.
  • Reading instruction will be provided using a Multisensory Reading Approach.
  • Teachers have access to additional resources to meet the IEP goals of students receiving specially designed instruction.
  • Social and emotional learning, and counseling support is available using Sanford Harmony and TeachTown Social Skills.
  • In-person therapy is available for speech and language and occupational therapy.
  • Staff will collaborate with general education teachers to ensure accommodations and modifications are in place for students to access general education curriculum.
  • Teachers will be supported by their site-assigned instructional coach.

Special education student and teacher working together on a writing assignment