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Canvas Tutorials for MPS Teachers

Canvas Tutorials are all available through our Canvas Cohort Course.

You can access the Canvas Cohort Course from your Canvas Dashboard or use this link.

If you need access to a Canvas Cohort, please use this form

The Educational Technology Team, in coordination with Information Systems and Teaching and Learning, have been working diligently to build training and support materials as PreK-12 teachers prepare for remote and blended instruction beginning this fall. 

Canvas Support & Training

Pre-populated Content

Mesa Public Schools Teaching & Learning has acquired Florida Virtual Schools (FLVS) content to facilitate remote learning for all K-6 learners. Teachers will be provided separate Canvas course spaces for each section assigned to them in Synergy. Core academic sections will be automatically populated with FLVS content. Teachers will be assigned the role of facilitator in these courses, providing them access to view content and grade assignments, but will be unable to edit the course space and content.  

Preview courses containing FLVS content can be viewed here. Directions for viewing and navigating the preview courses can be found here.

Training in the use of FLVS content within Canvas will be provided upon teachers’ return on contract.

Custom Canvas Course Spaces

In addition to the pre-populated, core content spaces created for teachers based on their Synergy sections, additional sections, such as Homeroom, will be provisioned for all PreK-6 teachers. These course spaces will allow teachers to augment their online instruction with content they curate and create themselves. Teachers will exercise full administrative control within these course spaces.

Educational Technology is now offering Canvas training for all PreK-12 teachers through our Canvas: First Steps training series. These trainings are grade-band specific and are now available within GROW for registration.

Additional Training & Support


For PreK-12 teachers already familiar with Canvas, Educational Technology is offering the following coursework to help teachers build and strengthen more advanced skills in Canvas.

Other Resources

Please visit our Remote Teaching: Training & Support website to access training and support materials for Webex, GMail, Clever, Screencasting and much more!