Carson Service Learning

Be The Change...

Janet Parker--Counselor--Service Learning Coach

Junior high students in 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of curriculum based and extracurricular service learning. The interests and personalities of the schools, teachers and students determine the projects. The five below are pretty common.

• Management the school’s recycling program.

• Reading students serve as “reading buddies” at nearby elementary schools.

• Social studies students run a Teen Court.

• Performing arts students entertain at senior centers and community events.

• Students create quilts, knit caps, and baby rattles to donate.


All service learning projects must be pre-approved Mrs. Parker, who is currently the Carson Service Learning coach, before students begin getting credit for the service hours. Examples of Service Learning projects include students tutoring peers, volunteering at the food bank with family, or cleaning yards for elders of their church.


You can find more information about Carson Service learning and complete the online application by clicking here.


Carson Also has a service learning club for students who want to work together with other students at the school to complete quarterly projects after school as a group. For more information please contact Janet Parker in the counseling department by calling 480 472-2914 or emailing at