The office is currently closed for summer break and will reopen Monday, July 11. School begins Thursday, August 4. For your convenience, you may enroll your child online and complete re-enrollment for returning students at any time at or for assistance contact the office beginning July 11. | La oficina se encuentra cerrada por las vacaciones de verano y reabrirá el lunes 11 de julio. El primer día de clases es el jueves 4 de agosto. Puede inscribir a sus hijos en línea o completar la reinscripción para estudiantes que regresan en cualquier momento en o para asistencia contacte a la oficina a partir del 11 de julio.

                                    VOICE MAIL AVAILABLE 24 HOURS
                                         (480) 472-2920 or (480) 472-2924

Brizeiry Silva       Office Specialist    

If a student is absent from school for a vaild excused reason, a parent/guardian must contact the attendance clerk to excuse the absence. Absences can be excused by phone contact, email to or by bringing in a signed note. The note must include the date, reason for the absence, and a phone number. Upon returning to school, students are given 24 hours to excuse all unverified absences. It is vital that parents verified all absences. Excessive or unexcused absences lead to disciplinary and/or legal action. Absences are considered valid and excused for the following reasons only:
           Death in the immediate family
           Court appearance
           Medical, dental, or counseling appointment

Absences caused by missing the bus, sleeping in, babysitting, accompanying other people to appointments, etc. will not be excused.

Late Arrivals
Students who arrive late to school MUST check in at the attendance office. Any school missed due to late arrivals can be excused
only by:

          the parent/guardian calling the school prior to the student's arrival
          the student bringing a signed note with the date, reason and a phone number
          the parent/guardian coming into the office to sign in the student

All other late arrivals will be considered unexcused and will not be excused after the fact. Tardies will be excused for the following reasons only:
        Court appearance
        Medical, dental, or counseling appointments

Tardiness caused by missing the bus, sleeping in, babysitting, accompanying other people to appointments, etc. will not be excused. Students will serve lunch detention for the first three unexcused tardies. Thereafter, unexcused tardies will result in a discipline referral and consequences.

If a student is more than10 minutes late, excused or unexcused, the tardy becomes an absence for that period.

Signing out your student
Carson is a serious educational institute. Class time is dedicated to teaching and learning. Please help us to keep interruptions to the bare minimum. Anytime a student leaves campus, a parent or authorized guardian must sign the student out through the attendance office. Persons listed on the emergency card may sign out students, with parental approval and picture ID. Anytime a student is called out of class, it creates a disturbance in the learning environment. Please pick up your child during passing periods.

Except for emergency situations, the attendance office will not send for students
after 3:20pm. Please plan accordingly. If we are notified before 3:15, you may pick up your student at anytime. We do not have enough student aides to finish our end-of-day procedures and collect students from classrooms after 3:20pm . Students requested after 3:20pm will be called to the office using the intercom system after the 3:50 bell. 

Deliveries on Campus
Deliveries of items such as balloons, flowers, pizza, and such are not allowed. If you need to drop off an essential item at school, to be delivered to your child, please be aware of the following procedures:

Students expecting deliveries of essential items should come between classes to pick up items. Students should not wait for an all-call or a call slip if they know they have an item in the office.

You will need to record the item in the notebook marked "Student Deliveries" in the office. Please make sure your student's name is on the item.
Students will be called over the public address system between classes only.
Money will not be accepted in the front office. If your student has forgotten lunch money, you may bring a sack lunch or take money for your student to the cafeteria.
Your help in limiting deliveries is greatly appreciated.