Mr. Dennis Marcum


Welcome To Guitar Class  -   2020-2021



Suggested Materials:

Hal Leonard Essential Elements for Guitar, Bk. 1

Guitar for home practice, guitar tuner


Report Card Grades:

Guitar class report card grades are based on achievement/assessment (playing and written tests) and attitude/effort.

                Achievement/Assessment (85% of your grade) – Written tests will monitor the student’s understanding of music symbols, vocabulary, and counting.  Playing tests will monitor the student’s progress on his/her instrument.

                Attitude/Effort (15% of your grade) – This part of the student’s grade is based upon: 1) trying hard to do your best every day, 2) displaying a positive attitude, 3) using allotted practice time wisely, and 4) following school and band room rules.


Guitar Usage:

Each student will be assigned a guitar to use during guitar class.  A form must be completed and signed by both parent and student.  Guitars are not allowed to be taken home but students may practice the guitar in the band room before or after school.


Carson Band/Guitar Room Rules:

1.    Listen and follow directions. 

2.    Show respect for students, teacher and equipment.

3.    Do not play any instrument other than your own—including percussion instruments and guitars.

4.    Bring instrument, music and all necessary equipment to class every day.

5.    No eating, drinking, gum chewing in the band room.

6.    Be on time for class and concerts.

7.    Students will be dismissed at the end of class by the teacher.


Teacher:  Dennis Marcum

Phone Number:  (480) 472-2972


Dear Guitar Student and Parents,

This class is designed to be a one semester introductory guitar class.  A lot of material will be covered during the semester.  You will be allowed to progress at your own pace with minimum expectations given early in the marking period.  You will be expected to sit in your seat and practice on your own every day so that I can get around helping everyone and for testing.  A lot of your attitude and effort grade depends on your ability to work on your own without bothering other students in the class.